Vote now! For Jewish Girl of the Year!

(See also the voting page for the guys.)

Every week, we feature amazing Jewish leaders.  Once a year, we hold a fun competition to give those leaders the opportunity to be recognized as the GTJ Jewish Guy or Girl of the Year!

Welcome to Round 1 for the Girls.  Please vote for the two girls you think most deserve the title “Jewish Girl of the Year.” (Be sure to click the vote button at the bottom after selecting two guys).

You may vote once (two choices) every 24 hours until 4:00pm on Wednesday, April 16. Click on the names or pictures to see their interviews with additional photos.  We ask for an email address in an effort to guard against voting foul-play.  Email addresses are kept private and will only be added to our email list if you specifically opt in.

Don’t forget to come to the GTJ May Happy Hour to see who gets crowned Jewish Guy and Girl of the Year!

For more on the contest, see the rules page. Questions or comments? Use our contact form.

Thanks for voting! Our newsletter will have the latest contest updates.

Total Voters: 3,275

Thanks for voting!

You may vote once every 24 hours until the end of voting. Contest updates will be posted in our newsletter. In the meantime, click on the thumbnails above to see the interviews or check out all our Guys, Girls, and Mitzvah Makers of the week.

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(See also the voting page for the guys.)