High Holidays with Ohev Sholom

Here is our schedule for rosh Hashanah and yom kippur—the first 25 people to email their reservation for their dinner AND mention Gather the Jews will get a free dinner (no charge for the holiday dinners for them)

Also the first 25 people to make their reservation for HH and mention GTJ will also get free HH seats

Ccing our ED, carol, so she knows about this promotion



This year we are honored that Josh Milner, David Eisenman, and Yaakov Sussman will lead our High Holiday services.

We invite you to join us for communal dinners on both nights of Rosh Hashanah. (If the reservation is made by Monday 9/22, then Dinner is $12 for adults and children under 12 are free; after that $15 for adults, and $12 for children.)   Please email your dinner reservation to cvaloris@gmail.com or call our administrative office at (202) 882-7225.

Everyone is welcome to participate in our High Holiday services.  The more people that join us the better chance we have of getting our prayers answered.  Prayer is like a symphony.  Every individual brings his and her own unique talents to communal prayer.  The mixture of different voices is what makes communal prayer so special.  So, please join us.  We need you to join with our prayers.

To reserve your High Holidays seat call the office for more details or email cvaloris@gmail.com

Rosh Hashanah, Begins Wednesday Evening September 28

Candle lighting 6:39 pm

Minchah & Maariv 6:45 pm

Communal Dinner following services.  Please make your reservations by 9/22.


First Day of Rosh Hashanah

Thursday, September 29

Morning Service: 8:30 am

Shofar Blowing 10:30 am

FREE ALTERNATIVE Service 5:00 pm

First Day of Rosh Hashanah

For those looking for something a little different. Try this relaxed and intimate setting. Discussion, songs, and highlights from the prayer service. No membership required. IT IS COMPLETELY FREE.  No solicitation of funds.

Minchah: 6:00 pm will be followed by Tashlikh.  The congregation will walk together to Rock Creek Park for Tashlikh.  (Tashlikh is a spiritual service symbolizing repentance recited at the waterside.)

Maariv: 7:15 pm

Light candles after 7:36 pm

Communal Dinner following services.  Please make your reservations by 9/22.

Second Day of Rosh Hashanah

Sunday, September 30

Morning Service: 8:30 am

Shofar Blowing 10:30 am

Candles 6:36 pm

Minchah and Maariv 6:40 pm

Shabbat Shuva—Parshat Haazinu

Shabbat, October 1

6:15 pm Minchah

6:35 pm Rabbi Herzfeld’s Shabbat Shuvah Discourse

7:37 pm Havdalah


It is customary for the Rabbi of the Synagogue to give a major address every year on the Shabbat between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  This Shabbat is known as Shabbat Shuva, the Sabbath of Repentance.  This year Rabbi Herzfeld will discuss, “Treating other human beings with dignity as a pre-requisite for repentance: laws and nuances.” Sources for this class will be made available on Rosh Hashanah for you to review and study in preparation.

Yom Kippur

Friday, October 7

Mincha: 3:00 pm

Candle lighting: 6:25 pm

Kol Nidre: 6:35 pm


Saturday, October 8

Yom Kippur Day

Morning Service: 8:30 am

Yizkor 11 am


3:30-4:30 pm with Yizkor

Fast ends at 7:24 pm