Event Listing/Promotion Policy

The following standards will be used for listing and promoting events for the Gather the Jews newsletter and calendar.  Gather the Jews does not distinguish between different levels of promotion; the qualifications for paid promotions will be the same as those for unpaid promotions.

For an event to be listed and promoted by Gather the Jews, the event must:

  • Qualify as a Jewish event through one of the following definitions:
    • The focus of the event is on an explicitly Jewish subject (e.g. Torah study, Passover Seders, “Jews In America” lecture).
    • The event is designed specifically for a Jewish audience (e.g. Young Jewish professional happy hour).
    • The event is hosted by a Jewish group or organization (e.g. A Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society event on Mexican immigration).
    • The event pertains specifically to the state of Israel (e.g. an AIPAC disscussion).
  • Be open to young Jewish professionals (defined as Jews between the ages of 21 and 40)
    • The event cannot be exclusively for college students, seniors, teenagers, etc.
  • Be open to the public (e.g. Gather the Jews will not promote private Shabbat dinners).

For an event to be listed and promoted by Gather the Jews, the event must not:

  • Promote any illegal (by secular law) conduct.  This includes, but is not limited to, illegal drugs, theft, or vandalism.
  • Promote violence.
  • Promote hate toward a specific group.
  • Attempt to convert Jews to another religion.
  • Place attendants in physical danger.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Gather the Jews will post and promote all events it is aware of, unless disqualified by the above provisions, regardless of the event’s host organization or philosophy (political, religious, or otherwise).  Specifically, Gather the Jews will not promote one form of Judaism over any other.

Other notes:

  • While Gather the Jews recognizes and embraces many types of Judaism, it does not recognize any form of “Jews for Jesus” as a member of the Jewish family.
  • Gather the Jews does not discriminate against political events so long as the event otherwise qualifies (e.g. Gather the Jews will post meetings of the Republican Jewish Coalition as well as Democratic Jewish events).