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Gather the Jews in the News:

Gather the Jews (September 2014):
Gather the Jews Announces Rachel Gildiner as New Director

Washington Jewish Week (May 2014):
Gather the Jews crowns Jewish guy, girl of the year

Washington Jewish Week (May 2013):
GW Hillel acquires Gather the Jews

Washington Jewish Week (May 2013):
Jewish Guy and Girl of the Year

DC Sports Beat (Dec. 2012)
Interview with GTJ Staffer Jon Halperin

Washington Jewish Week (Oct. 2012):
Jews Gather to Build Sukkah

Washington Jewish Week (Oct. 2012):
Gathering the Jews Full Time

GTJ Pitch at DC Federation Annual Meeting (June 2012):
Aaron’s Pitch

Washington Jewish Week (June 2010):
Put a Smile on Your Punim

Washington Jewish Week (March 2010):
Stakeholders in Judaism


Below is a note we received from one of the thousands of people who saw us on at the 2010 Cherry Blossom 10 Miler.

I saw two men running with the website address on their bare backs in permanent maker and all I could do was think “I really hope this is supporting the Jewish community,” rather than harvesting opposition to it. I am not Jewish, but i have great respect for Jewish people and wanted to let you know that these men did a wonderful thing today. They were seen my hundreds in the race including myself. Thank you for generating love. Sincerely, M.