Girl of the Week – Atalia

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Aaron: What brought you to DC?
Atalia: During my army service I took part in Taglit program with the Jewish community of DC. The Jewish federation of DC has a special program (Reverse Mifgash) that bring Israelis that took part in Israel Taglit and bring them to DC for 10 days (similar to Taglit). I am so excited that I was selected to participate in this program with another 11 Israelis, and am looking forward to our 10 days with the DC community!!!

Aaron: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Atalia: I’m studying industrial engineering and management and I’m hoping to succeed in this area.

Aaron: What is the most delicious Jewish food?
Atalia: The most delicious Jewish food is of course Falafel!!! I promised that in Israel it’s different and better than the Falafel that sails on the States.

Aaron: What is your Hebrew name, why?
Atalia: My Hebrew name is Atalia. Originally this name is from the Tanakh but in Hebrew I’m writing it different then it’s written in the Tanakh. The funny story is that my mother received a candy delivery on Purim holiday (it’s a part of celebrating the holiday) from a girl with this name.  My mother loved the name and the rest is history.  This name is very unique in Israel.

Aaron: When are you coming back to the US?
Atalia: This is my first time in the States and I have to say that I’m in love! I hope to come back in every opportunity that I have.

Aaron: Where are you from in Israel? Can we visit?
Atalia: I was born in Zfat and grew up in Petach Tikva (city next to Tel Aviv), and I now live in Tel Aviv. You have to visit!! It’s the best city to hang out… almost like NYC (just smaller).

Aaron: What is the most beautiful place in Israel?
Atalia: In my opinion the most beautiful place in Israel is Machetes Ramon on the Negev. It’s so colorful, silent and deep.