GTJ Advice from Steve on DC Life

Steve Davis’ life is best described as a steady output of poor decisions, occupational incompetence, and overall mediocrity. His one chance at glory occurred in the 2011 Jewish Guy of the Year competition. After seemingly blasting his way to victory, evil GTJ co-founder Stephen “Rishay” Richer added an “additional round” to the contest. Steve’s aversion to success re-emerged and he was soundly defeated in said “additional round.” Steve has still not recovered from this defeat.

Why Steve Gives Good Advice: Steve is the co-captain of a subpar dodgeball team (The Thundering Yogatos), the reigning ping pong champion at Nelly’s Sports Bar, the runner up in the 2010 Duffy’s Connect Four Championship, and a co-founder of Danny’s Heroes (a non-profit which has generated $43 in revenue).

[Editor’s note: Steve is an engineer at SpaceX. He is also the owner of Mr. Yogato. (Click here for video proof.) He finds self-deprecating humor disproportionately funny.]