Rabbi Zvi Teitelbaum

Name:  Rabbi Zvi Teitelbaum

What people call you:  Rabbi T

Congregation/Organization:  Mesorah DC

Location:  Sixth & I Synagogue

Denomination:  Traditional (with contemporary flavor)

Ordained by:  Rabbi Chaim Berlin

Programs/Services you run/offer:  Services and dinners with guest speakers, Cafenite: a spectrum of Jewish enrichment programming from Ulpan and hebrew reading to ethics and think tanks stipends.

Words of wisdom:  Meet new people, explore Jewish life, get inspired, and become part of a community.

One DC Jewish event that you highly recommend:  Cafenite: our very popular and unique drop-in nite, where social meets substance.

Hobbies:  Working hard  to provide “Jewish life ” and community for the young professionals in the DC community.

Fun fact about you:  I love the hang gliding experience …at IMAX

Contact info:  301 807 2434 rabbizt@gmail.com

Anything else?  Mesorah DC has a full staff  totally dedicated to help out any young professional on the DC scene, in anyway possible — from job leads, to counseling, to relationship guidance, as well as Jewish enrichment.  We can be contacted any time of the day (or night!)

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