Rabbi Levi Shemtov

(Rabbi Shemtov is the one on the left.)

Name:  Rabbi Levi Shemtov

What people call you:  Rabbi Shemtov (to my face. behind my back, who knows?)

Congregation:  TheSHUL – (Chabad) Lubavitch Center – fastest growing shul in DC.

Location:  Lubavitch Center – 2110 Leroy Place, NW (Google Map)

Denomination:  I don’t believe in denominations. Jewish is sufficient. We are Chabad-Lubavitch.

Ordained from:  Central Lubavitch Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim, Brooklyn, NY

Programs/Services you run/offer:  Young Professionals Shabbat Dinners, Weekly Services (Sun, Mon, Shabbat, Holidays), Holiday programs, Torah Study, Day Camp, Hebrew School, Women’s programs, etc.

Speciality within Judaism:  Unconditional love for all Jews, fidelity to Torah directives and values, creative and energetic outreach to unaffiliated Jews, “Public Space” (as opposed to merely “in your face” :-) ) Judaism, outreach to Jews on Capitol Hill and in the Administration.  We also sponsor vibrant outreach programs to Jewish students.

One DC Jewish event that you highly recommend:  National Menorah Lighting – viewed by tens of millions across the country. The epitome of Jewish life in the USA (not to mention latkes, donuts, menorah kits, Military band, DREIDELMAN…)

Hobbies:  Reading, calligraphy, music – otherwise not all that fascinating

Fun fact about you:  I’m not a professional archer or an Olympic swimmer, but I do spend a lot of time at the White House and Capitol Hill, and some people find that neat.

Contact information: 202-332-5600  rls@afldc.org

Anything else?:  Happy to support the promulgation of yiddishkeit via “Gather the Jews” in any way possible. No better way to preserve the Jewish people than to inspire mobilize and energize the young Jews, especially those who may “think” they have no Jewish affiliation or background. And you have all done a FANTASTIC job at getting this off the ground. Wish there were more initiatives like yours.