Rabbi Dovid Lefkowitz

Name:  Rabbi Dovid Lefkowitz

What people call you:  Rabbi Lefkowitz or Rabbi L

Congregation:  Mesorah DC

Location:  Sixth and I Synagogue

Denomination:  Traditional

Ordained by:  Rabbi Zev Leff, Moshav Mattityahu Israel

Programs/Services you run/offer“The Thinktank”.  The Thinktank offers each individual the opportunity to study one on one with a knowledgeable study partner the Jewish topic of one’s choice.

One DC Jewish event that you highly recommend:  MesorahDC’s Friday Night Services and Dinner,  1st and 3rd Fridays of the month.  Great people, Great atmosphere, great food!

Fun fact about you:  I have over 100 hours piloting a Piper Cherokee. (That’s a plane).

Contact information:  410-241-6438; mesorahdc.org.