The “One and Only” Jonathan Horowitz – Now Published

GTJ’s very own sports columnist, Jonathan Horowitz, is now a published author!  The set of sports trivia cards he’s been writing, entitled The One and Only: A Sports Quiz Deck of Definitive Games, Teams, Players, and Events, has been released by Pomegranate Communications, Inc.  Click here to check them out.

The collection lists 48 teams, games, plays, and players so amazing that they’ve earned unique labels by sports enthusiasts. Each card challenges users to name the person, place, or moment that is the “One and Only.” In addition to the answers, the backs of the cards provide fun facts about why these monikers have survived years of debate among fans.

Sample questions include:

  • What was the Shot Heard ‘Round the World?
  • What Was the Battle of the Sexes?
  • Who was The Great One?

Gather the Jews member Jonathan Horowitz ( is the horse race announcer at Arapahoe Park and host of the show “A Day at the Races” on Altitude Sports TV in Denver. He also has authored The ONE and ONLY: A Sports Quiz Deck of Definitive Games, Teams, Players, and Events that will be published by Pomegranate Publishers in January 2012. If you would like to purchase a personal copy ($9.95), please contact him at for details.