Are You There G-d?

Rabbi Aron Moss contributes regular Q&A commentaries to Gather the Jews.  Rabbi Moss is the proprietor of Nefesh and can be reached at  The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Rabbi Moss.

Question of the Week:

How can we be 100% certain that G-d gave the Torah to the Jewish people? I feel that I cannot observe a religion if I am not certain that it is true. Is there any proof of G-d and Torah?


Imagine you could do a blood test to determine who your soul mate is. You would go to a laboratory with a prospective partner and give blood samples, and half an hour later they would tell you yes or no. Sounds amazing! But think about it: Is that an ideal way to start a relationship? Would it be romantic to say, “Listen, the blood test came out positive, so we may as well get engaged”?

The truth is we wouldn’t appreciate a laboratory-tested soul mate. What makes a relationship meaningful is that it is a choice coming from within. If we based a commitment on external evidence such as a blood test, we would indeed have certainty, but the sense of freedom would be lost. Freedom is an essential ingredient of true love – certainty is not.

That’s why proving G-d is not helpful. G-d wants us to enter into a relationship with Him by choice, not by force. He created us as free beings who can deny Him if we want. There is no outside force or argument or proof that compels us to serve G-d. For that reason, when we do serve Him, it is by choice, it is coming from us, and that is the basis for a real relationship.

There are many logical proofs of G-d’s existence and the truth of Torah. But just as most people only recognize their soul mate after they have already committed to the relationship, most people are only ready to appreciate these proofs after they have already established a relationship with G-d.

If you wait to know for sure that you have found your soul mate you may forever remain single. And if you wait for proof of G-d’s truth you may forever live in a lonely universe. Embrace uncertainty and open yourself up to a real relationship. When you make that choice, you will find proof of G-d within your own soul.

Good Shabbos,

Rabbi Moss