Jewish Girl of the Week – Samantha

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Otherwise, well, “you won’t like me when I’m angry…”



What is the Chesed Project?
It is a new, super awesome group that has regular opportunities for Jews to do nice, meaningful things for other Jews. We have activities the first or second Sunday each month that provide seasonal or topical opportunities. In addition, we’ll also have frequent opportunities to volunteer with the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington. And – at no extra cost you get to make new friends and meet young professionals. Even if you enjoy socializing with old unprofessionals you should join The Chesed Project on facebook.

When is your next event?
You are in luck, because we are hosting an event this Sunday, December 6 from 1-4pm in Dupont, making a gift box for Jewish soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, chock full of things to help them celebrate the holiday, as well as feel appreciated for their service. Check out our Facebook event page for more information on how you can help. As if you needed an incentive, a generous donor will be providing free pizza from Ben Yehuda’s.

Who is the coolest Jew in DC?
That I don’t know, but I think one of the coolest Jews in general is Rav Ovadia. You know that’s where Michael Jackson copped his sunglasses and gold embroidered jacket look.

What is it like being Jewish with red hair?
It’s pretty weird having strangers insist “are you sure?” when you tell them you aren’t Irish.

What is your favorite part about Jewish life in DC?
There is always so much to do! There are amazing classes with free food multiple nights per week, your choice services for a meaningful Shabbos experience, and just as importantly, they are about to open my fav kosher frozen dessert place, Tasti D Lite, in my hood, Columbia Heights.

We heard you used to hang out with turtles in the desert, tell us more?
I took off college for a semester and somehow convinced the U.S. Geological Survey to let me do desert tortoise research for them for six months. It was out in Las Vegas, and I may or may not have chosen that internship based on the fact I’d be turning 21 during my tenure. Anyway, you should have asked about the time I spent living on a replica 19th century schooner, that’s where the real dirt is.

What do you do when you are not Cheseding?
Riding my bike! I also started a cycling club for people who like to ride but aren’t so into the whole spandex thing – check out Chain Gang DC. We do long (50+ mi) or short (8 mi) rides that often end at a bar. Also, bird watching, and making my own clothes while listening to jazz records or classes on