DC Jewish Blog Round Up — Wanted: A few good entrepreneurs

Picture from Washington Jewish Week article by Meredith Jacobs. See link below. The admissions team of the steering committee meeting to discuss application criteria for the ConnectGens Fellowship, clockwise from Andy Kirschner, in blue shirt (PresenTense coordinator), Zachary Lainer, Julia Moss, Eve Copeland, Harrison Miller, Matthew Rosenblatt and Joshua Novikoff (admissions team co-captain).

In case you weren’t able to read the other local Jewish blogs this week, here are a few of my favorite posts:

  • Jewish Policy Center

American Support for Israel Remains Strong.  No matter which you slice it – J-Street style, AIPAC style, CUFI style, etc. – Americans are pro-Israel.   As noted by Samara Greenberg writing for the Jewish Policy Center, “68 percent of Americans characterize Israel as ‘one of our strongest allies.’”  Additionally, “60 percent of Americans polled agreed that Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel are committed to peace.”  Both of these polls come from The Israel Project; a poll from the ADL found that “61 percent believe ‘Israel is a crucial American ally.’”

Most of us already had a good sense of these statistics, but occasional quantitative love fests between the United States and Israel are important because they:  1) Remind we Jews that the United States and 2) Remind Israel that even if the rest of the world is hostile; we’ve got its back.   As Herman Cain said a few months ago:  “If you mess with Israel, you mess with the United States.”

This lockstep coalition hasn’t been in place – 1967 really started the special relationship – but I hope it will last for the rest of our lives.

  • The Blog at 16th and Q – DC JCC blog

Review + Sales Update.  Theater J of the DC JCC scores yet another positive review of its three-week-old play “After The Fall” by Arthur Miller.  But reviews, schimews … more importantly, the Theater’s ticket sales continue to climb.  If you haven’t seen the play yet, you have until November 27.

  • Washington Jewish Week:

Wanted:  A few good entrepreneurs.  Meredith Jacobs reports on the ConnectGens Fellowshp program.  Look for former Jewish Guy of the Week Andy Kirschner in this article, as well as close GTJ friend Eva Malka Davis.  Applications to Fellowship are due November 20.

Handicapping the J Street-ECI boxing match.  Adam Kredo is getting his popcorn and scorecard ready for the battle between ECI and J-Street in the 2012 elections.


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