DC Jewish Blog Round Up — No chess for you!

The JPC reports on Iranian champion's refusal to play Israeli opponent.

In case you weren’t able to read the other local Jewish blogs this week, here are a few of my favorite posts:

InTheMoment (Moment Magazine)

  • The Shalit Conundrum … Or Opportunity: “Israel has freed 13,509 people in exchange for 16 soldiers.  That’s an average of 844.31 people per soldier.”  Leigh Nussbaum thinks that this imbalance, and similar swaps in the future, might help disprove the world’s claims that Israel is “stubborn and belligerent.”  Others of us (including yours truly) think that these numbers show that the world will think what it wants to think no matter what Israel does.  If over the course of Israel’s history, the 844 to 1 ratio hasn’t convinced others that Israel wants peace, it’s never going to convince them. 
  • A Very Jewish Halloween: Sala Levin had a few good Jewish ideas for Halloween costumes including:  Natale Portman’s baby and Anthony Weiner.

Jewish Policy Center

Washington Jewish Week:


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