Jewish Guy of the Week – Brian W.

1.) You’re from the Dallas area. How are D.C. people different than Texans?
I’m not saying people from DC aren’t friendly; it’s just that Texans are on another level.  It’s completely normal for a total stranger to randomly start waving at you in the street.  That same person would probably start talking to you mid conversation in line at the grocery store or in the metro.  I apologize in advance by the way…

2.) From what we’ve Gathered, you work to save the world during your day job. Tell us about it.
My passion is about alleviating poverty through social enterprise (leveraging business to solve world problems).  I’ve started a few ventures in the past but currently I’m on the Latin America/Caribbean (LAC) Investment Team at MicroVest, a family of commercial microfinance related investment funds that seeks both market financial returns and positive impact in the developing world. Por eso hablo español y viajo por América Latina frecuentemente. Check out our recent NYT and WSJ mentions if interested..

3.) You used to race motocross. How did you get into that?
Well you see, I lived in this small country town without much going on.  Its the type of place people drive big trucks and go “mudding.” My buddy got into a four-wheeler wreck and broke both his legs and his choler bone.  So naturally – after he healed – we decided to play it safe and race dirt bikes instead!

4.) You’ve been involved with a Guinness World Record attempt. Explain.
I randomly took off a semester of school (don’t tell my mom) to support two ultra-runners attempting to break a Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing of America on foot. That’s 60 miles a day for 52 straight days from San Francisco to New York City (same guys as Running the Sahara). Needless to say, there were times in Nebraska surrounded by corn when I wondered what the hell I was doing but in the end I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. Check out Marshall’s book or the Running America movie trailer here.

5.) What Jewish event are you looking forward to?
Are you seriously asking me this question? Without a doubt, I’ll be keeping it classy on September 22 at Impact DC celebrating our generation’s dedication to leadership, charitable giving, and volunteerism. Please tell me you registered for the biggest event of the year!?!