Jews for Jesus at Dupont Metro (North)

I suppose they’re gatherers too (below) …  Jews for Jesus provided some literature this morning at Dupont Metro North.

We at GTJ have a fairly flexible notion of what makes a person a Jew.  But Jews for Jesus fall outside our lines.

A commenter mentioned yesterday on a GTJ post that a person remains a Jew if he has a Jewish mother, even if he is a professed Christian, Muslim, etc.

I have to disagree.  If you renounce Judaism, or if you join another religion, you’re no longer Jewish.  We believe in free will as a people.  Surely this includes the free will to exit?

Or… if you’re a Jew who believes Jesus was divine, that’s very nice and fine, but you’re no longer a Jew — you’re probably a Christian (but I’ll let Christians address that issue).