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Key Jewish leader Malcolm Hoenlein calls on US Jews to be united in the face of the challenges emerging from the new Middle East. In an interview last week, Malcolm Hoenlein, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, expressed the urgent need for American Jewry to remove divisive internal barriers and to focus on acts that unify, to strengthen the community in the face of the challenges from the global campaign to delegitimize Israel, to Iran, to the untold consequences of the many uprisings in the Middle East and beyond.

“I was, obviously, very pleased and congratulate all those responsible [for the elimination of Osama bin Laden]…but people can’t be deluded to think this is end of threat. Osama is dead, and he was a key figure, but there is a worldwide network that still threatens the international order. This threat cannot be ignored…Israel and Jews are obvious targets as we repeatedly are…We cannot let our guard down, cannot be lulled into apathy by the elimination of bin Laden, as important and significant as that is.”

The Big Macher Malcolm Hoenlein

Mr. Hoenlein, who has worked with several US Presidents on Middle East affairs, urges American Jewry to put aside their differences at this important time. “I believe that unity within should be the first priority. History teaches us that it is the one pre-condition to success. If you look at Jewish history, every great achievement, every miracle was a result of the Jews being united. Attempts to divide us based on the detail of what they practice, is detrimental to Judaism and to what sustains us. Anytime you can bring Jews of all kinds together for common deliberation and discussion, to [celebrate] what unites us and [lessen] what divides us, we will realize that the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.”

To hear from this insightful and inspirational leader about the critical challenges facing US Jewry in 2011, and about Israel in the new Middle East – what it means to the US-Israel special relationship – all members of the Jewish community are invited to attend One Shabbat this Memorial Day weekend where Mr. Hoenlein will be giving several talks.

One Shabbat, held in the Stamford Plaza, CT, is an opportunity for all Jews to come and celebrate a Shabbat together. Joining Mr. Hoenlein in addressing the audience are Mr.Charles Harary, Rabbi. Ken Spiro, Dr. David Lieberman, Mrs. Lori Palatnik and many more. Together, the speakers will provide insights into the ‘new’ Middle East as well as the world-famousDiscovery seminar, relationships, marriage and parenting, as well as personal growth topics.

There are limited spots available at this unique weekend. For more information please visit: www.oneshabbat.org

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