And the winner of the 3rd annual Afikomen Scavenger Hunt is…

Is…  the matter of some controversy.

On Sunday, April 10, approximately 120 young professionals joined together at Sixth & I to compete in the Third Annual Afikomen Scavenger Hunt.   The contest sent the teams to 10 different locations throughout Chinatown. Each stop required the team to perform a task or answer a riddle that related to one of the ten plagues.  After accomplishing the task or answering the riddle, teams received a clue that led to the next location.

Examples:  At the “frog plague station,” teams had to leap frog over the other members of the team.  At the “lice station,” teams had to ask a random passer by to pour a cup of water on the head of one of their team members.  At the “gnats/flies station” teams had to volley a shuttlecock back-and-forth 20 times.

The final clue led the teams to Rocket Bar where the winning piece of matzah was to be hastily devoured by the first there.

Three teams arrived within a matter of seconds.   Each team made its case for eternal glory…  The ruling went to The Thundering Yogatos (pictured below), but we might yield the GTJ forum to a few different members of the different teams to make their cases (in a thoroughly non-serious way) later today or this week.

Who knows?  If the arguments are convincing enough, it might lead to the awarding of a second gold medal (2002 SLC Winter Games.  I was at this second medal awarding!  Utah w00t!)

Because nobody wants the bronze medal…  Just ask NBA superstar Carmello Anthony how he feels about bronze medals...  (go to second 50 of this YouTube clip.  Warning.  Offensive language).

Thanks to all the groups who sponsored this event (Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, Birthright Israel NEXT, Sixth & I, DC JCC).  One of the best events of the year.

Full disclosure:  I was on The Thundering Yogatos.  :)