The Maccabeats aide and abet “x-tian missionaries.”

This opinion in no way reflects an institutional position of Gather the Jews.

Apparently The Maccabeats aide and abet “x-tian missionaries.”

The bait for Jewish apostates?

Or so the Jewish Fist claims.

It’s perhaps not sensible to even dignify this Jewish Fist post with a response, but I guess I have a soft spot for The Maccabeats because they 1) offered us a private interview and 2) served as a judge in our Jewish Guy/Girl of the Year Competition

So here it goes:

The Rosh Pina Project (RPP) — an “online meeting place for Messianic Jews and all those who believe that Messianic Jews deserve fair treatment in Israel and the Diaspora, and protection as a religious minority in Israel” — posted the Maccabeats’ Purim video to its blog in what Mr. Jewish Fist called an attempt to “lure Jews … [through] the use and obvious misuse of traditional Jewish symbols, stereotypes, humor, aspects of Jewish folk culture, and Jewish pop icons (such as the Maccabeats).”

Mr. Jewish Fist might be right in this respect.  In fact, I daresay he and I would have a pretty similar take on The RPP (incidentally, this group has no relation to the Rosh Pina group that meets at Hamilton House).

Mr. Jewish Fist — noticing the RPP post — emailed the Maccabeats and asked them to get the post removed from the RPP.  The Maccabeats failed to get the post removed, and they did not even reply to Mr. Jewish Fist’s email.  Therefore, according to JF’s logic, the Maccabeats are complicit in the aims of the RPP.

Nevermind that Mr. JF strongly disliked the Maccabeats prior to this post, the claim is still absurd.

  1. As Mr. JF correctly points out: “The Maccabeats are performing across the U.S. at many Jewish events, (including private semachot) and without a doubt, they are making good money for their performances.”  Right.  So they don’t have time to offer a thorough response to every email written to, especially ones of such dubious merit.
  2. The Maccabeats have no control over the RPP blogs.  The Maccabeats video is posted on YouTube; YouTube allows anyone to freely embed videos on their site — without being the creator of the video.  The only way The Maccabeats could eliminate the video from the RPP website is to pull the video from YouTube entirely. And the Maccabeats have even less over what is said in the commentary on the RPP blog.  First Amendment rights do exist in this country…
  3. Mr. JF assumes that because the Maccabeats haven’t emailed him back, they haven’t email RPP.  Maybe.  But it’s an assumption that does not necessarily follow.
  4. Mr. JF assumes that because the Maccabeats haven’t successfully removed the video from the RPP site they are complicit with the RPP aims.  Again, bad logic.
  5. Mr. JF blames the creator of an innocent product for its misuse.  There’s nothing bad about the Maccabeats video itself (or, if Mr. JF thinks there is, this is another argument).  Rather, it’s the use of the video that he objects to.  But the Maccabeats shouldn’t be held liable for this.  That’s like holding the inventor of the internet (Al Gore) liable for the child pornography that is circulated online.

So please Mr. JF, stop taking cheap shots at the Maccabeats just to increase your website traffic.  But if you do decide to keep attacking them, you might be to refrain from suggesting that the Maccabeats get “testosterone therapy … [at] a group rate” if you want to preserve the little credibility you may have.