Gather the News – Jewish News of the Week – 1/28

Goldberg knows that antisemitic ducks do NOT fly together

Why gather on a cruise, when you could Gather the News?  Oh yeah, because cruises are awesome.

  • The Guardian creates a dramatic graphic exclusively for the Palestine Papers.  Oh right, and the Palestine Papers happened.
  • Egyptian protests, among others in the Arab world, continue.  But is it good for the Jews?  Eh, let’s wait and see.
  • A Jewish professional hockey player sues the Anaheim Ducks for alleged antisemitic remarks.  In other news, there is a Jewish professional hockey player. [1]
  • The New York Jets mercifully get eliminated from the playoffs.  Meanwhile, some intern at CBS affiliate WLKY makes a hilarious error (HT to DovBear). [2]
  • Urban Outfitters has decided that the frum look is in.  Girls, if you were ever wondering how to rock “hipster tznius,” then look no further. [3]
  • Jewish Funds for Justice spends “six figures” to publish a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal condemning Fox News chief Roger Ailes and general crazy person/fellow Fox News employee Glenn Beck.  Jewish Funds was pleased, until they realized they gave Rupert Murdoch ANOTHER SIX FIGURES.
  • A Holocaust-denying parent accidently makes his views known to an Upper East Side PTA listserv.  You can pretty much guess what happens next. [4]
  • Just when you thought Google couldn’t get any more benevolent, they go and do this.
  • Israel finds that its commandos acted appropriately during the flotilla incident, while the UN and Turkey disagree.  The Washington Post writes a terrible headline for the story, and despite the snow in DC this week, Hell remained hot. [5]
  • As part of the Jerusalem 2111 contest, one Israeli filmmaker creates the best thing since Sharktopus (video not tznius).

Shabbat Shalom, and watch out for sharktopi!


[1] Trivia question: what kind of business does Goldberg’s family own?

[2] Seriously, though.  Thank G-D they’re not in the Super Bowl.

[3] I’m no longer allowed in Urban Outfitters.  My pants fit appropriately, and that apparently upsets the other customers.

[4] If you guessed “an expensive full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal protesting his actions,” you would be incorrect.

[5] I’ve used this cliche before, but you have to stick with what works.