Gather the News – Jewish News of the Week – 12/6

I apparently like to use the word “brilliant.”  Let’s Gather…

  • There seems to be a story every week about an attractive Jewish woman with whom you have no shot; this week is no different (SFW).
  • Eric Cantor becomes the most senior Jewish politician in U.S history; commenters on this thread beam with pride.
  • Right below Amar’e Stoudemire, add Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams to the list of non-Jewish professional athletes who are kinda, sorta, but not really practicing Judaism.
  • The Zionists’ nefarious zoological plot against the Arab world continues, as Saudi Arabia “nab[s an] Israeli-tagged vulture for being [a] Mossad spy” (See non-frickin’ laser beamed Zionist sharks in Egypt).
  • A 24-year old Jew becomes Mayor of the Temple Mount…on Foursquare.  It’s not that big of a deal, considering that she may be the only person in the world who actually uses Foursquare.
  • An argument about a horse and mule reportedly sparks several instances of “servings” in the little village of Anatevka.  More at 11.
  • There’s likely at least one Steven/Stephen Cohen on the GTJ mailing list, too.
  • Get used to TSA agents touching your junk at the airport, because the Israeli model of airport security apparently won’t work here.  Hopefully, this won’t also preclude other Israeli models from working in the U.S; Bar Refaeli might have a problem staying in Israel.  Hey-O!

Enjoy the new Thursday timeslot (as if any of you noticed)!