Jewish Guy – Micha

headshotAlmost exactly 6 years ago, we interviewed Micha as one of Gather’s original Jewish Guys of the Week. For our special Thursday newsletter, we thought we would catch up with one of our original interviews! We got this update from Micha:

Quick update: I went off and got married! To a magnetic, beautiful and soul-filled girl named Miriam (Weinblatt). She’s got great taste in t-shirts – we met years ago when I happened onto her dorm room at UMD and sold her an original Crooked Monkey shirt. I spent 2013-15 in NYC, we moved back to DC last year. I launched a new company called Betterific, which “crowdsources innovation.” We host innovation competitions for Fortune 500s to discover new product and marketing ideas from consumers. Join the community to participate and get your ideas made by the likes of Target, General Mills, Hyundai and others!

Update from October 13, 2016

Read Micha’s Original Interview from 2010!

Jewish Guy - MichaI was reading the Gather The Jews newsletter—one of my favorite publications—this past weekend, and I noticed that you’re competing in the 40 under 40 business competition.  Tell me what it’s all about.
GTJ, OMG, that’s my favorite newsletter too–especially to keep up with area business accomplishments.  So, The Washington Business Journal has an annual 40 Under 40 list that recognizes the DC area’s 40 “brightest young business leaders based on demonstrated business success over the past 12 to 18 months.”  I’m honored and excited to be selected for this year.

Do you have any shirts that are meant for the Jewish community specifically?  What’s your best selling shirt?
Is my dad a Rabbi? (Yes). Of course we have Jewish t-shirts.  We actually just posted a new Jewish t-shirt in anticipation of our GTJ debut, our Moses Boombox t-shirt, which is one of my favorite new tees.  We have three others: our Bat-Mitzvah T-shirt (an original classic), our Tips t-shirt (a fan favorite), and our Shofar T-shirt (our Rosh Hashana t-shirt).

Ok.  This seems pretty neat.  How do I help you win the 40 under 40 competition?
There’s a “Reader’s Choice” winner for the 40 under 40 competition.  You can vote as many times as you’d like, so click here to vote early and vote often.

When you’re not selling, promoting, or designing shirts, what are you up to?  Which Jewish organizations do you hang out with?
When I’m not t-shirting, I’m usually moonwalking down U street.  And as for Jewish Organizations–I like them all, as long as they don’t start with “J” and end with “street.”  I’m most involved with the Young Professional branches of the Jewish Federation and B’nai Tzedek–to try and strengthen and enhance the 22-39 year old Jewish community.  And of course I’m a big fan of GTJ.

What’s the future hold for you and Crooked Monkey?
On the Crooked Monkey front, we’re continuing to perfect the t-shirt–its design, its comfort, and its style.  And we’re always looking for new retail outlets that share our vision.  We’re also launching a higher end line, called Blueprint, which will focus on industrial, raw fashion.  Look out for it this January.