Jewish Girl – Eve

Jewish Girl - Eve

We heard you’re working on a photo exhibit for the Reverse Mifgash program–can you tell us more about it?
Along with a couple of other Birthright Alums, I’m organizing the Visions of Israel photography competition and exhibition as part of Reverse Mifgash to benefit PACT!  The competition is open to everyone to submit any kind of photo they have taken in Israel — from the abstract to urban scenes to landscapes — to compete to be published in a calendar that will be sold to benefit Parents And Children Together, a program enhances the lives of disadvantages children in the North of Israel through arts and enrichment programs.

Everyone who submits a photo will have it exhibited. This promises to be a really great exhibition showcasing wide variety of photographs and visions of Israel. Plus, it will have a nice selection of wine and cheese and Israelis in the Reverse Mifgash  :) 

You can register at:
What’s the best Jewish event you’ve been to in the past few months?
I recently joined a group of Birthright Israel Alumni for a Young Leadership Mission to Israel in June.  We met up with two full DC Community buses for Shabbat in Jerusalem.  There’s nothing like bringing in Shabbat in Jerusalem; from the pink sunset to the cooling winds in the hills, you can actually feel the transition taking place.  Experiencing this with my own DC community, 5 years after my first Birthright trip, was extremely special and a highlight of the past few months.

What do you think of the DC music scene and what’s the next concert you’re going to?
One of my favorite aspects of life in Washington, DC is definitely the music scene (what other city has the XX playing at a synagogue?).  I live a couple of miles from three great venues – the 9.30 club, the Black Cat, and DC 9.   I just saw the Dirty Projectors at the 9.30, and was blown away – their quirky and inventive compositions remind me of orchestras and the harmonies of electronic choruses, hard to believe they could do it live.  Over the summer I’ve been to quite a few club shows, so I really enjoyed spending some time listening to music outside at Virgin FreeFest on Saturday –  LCD Soundsystem and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros put on quite the show.
What do you think is the best movie of the summer?
Summer – not such a great time for movies, much better time for TV Series.  By far my favorites of the summer are on both sides of the spectrum – early summer, definitely Glee (who can resist!) and late summer, Mad Men!

Redskins, Capitals, Nationals, or United…do you have a favorite?
As a figure skater and one year University of Maryland Women’s Ice Hockey Player – I stay true to my ice sport roots and cheer for the Capitals.  I’ve even skated in half time performances at the US AIR arena and the Verizon Center (back when it was called MCI).  I also cheer for the Terps.