Jewish Guy – David

Jewish Guy - David

When not throwing it down at the local synagogue, what are you up to?
I am doing activist stuff.  I am human rights activist and am constantly making sure people are getting rights for what they do.  You can probably catch me on a conference call, at some sort of meeting, or hanging out with my girlfriend :)

If you could step into one part of the Torah, which part would it be, and what would you do?
I would step into my Bar Mitzvah Torah Portion, Behar in Leviticus and make sure it gained more importance in the Torah.  It was a point when it was expressed that there was equality for ALL people and I would want the world to know about.  I’m probably killing you with the human rights stuff at this point 😉

Why do you deserve to be Jewish guy of the week?
I should be the Jewish guy of the week because I am a Jew through-and-through.  I’m always talking about NFTY, teaching my friends all of our traditions and holidays, doing stuff for my synagogue youth group VYBS (the best youth group out there) and working for the Jewish cause.  I would love to be the Jewish guy of the week so I can have a title to go with how much I tell people about Judaism!

What do people usually notice or think when they first meet you?
Many people tell me that they see me as very determined and passionate.  I show passion for whatever it is that I do and people notice that and respect it.

2010 Congressional elections:  What will happen?  And does it matter?
The Democrats will lose some seats but retain a majority in both houses.  It matters because whatever your politics are, this is your future and it’s awesome if you can help shape it!