Nighttime Prayer — All Is In Order

Ayin Tove
Nighttime Prayer — All Is In Order
July 2, 2010

In the evening, we recognize in the first blessing of the Shma that G-d has given order to the universe: “umsader et hacochavim b’mishmorotahem” (and has ordered the stars in their watches). Literally, G-d’s act of creation has created order. A priori, this comes from G-d’s existence. You can go to sleep knowing that everything is in its place, and all is right with the universe, G-d is in heaven, and the stars are in their watch. We learn from the Talmud in B’rachot that G-d roars like a lion during the three watches of the night: when the dog barks, when the donkey brays, and when a woman nurses her child or speaks to her husband. B’rachot 3a. G-d is watching like a lion over the world, as all of this happens on earth. One might think about the barking dog, the braying donkey, and the crying child as a cacophony, but they are part of a larger constellation given an order by G-d who set it in motion, and whose Presence transcends. The stars are in their place.
And this is even before the other blessings of the evening Shmah where we learn about love, law, redemption, shelter, and peace.

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