Jewish Guy – Eric

Jewish Guy - Eric

What brought you to DC?
I came to DC to attend undergrad at GWU. Following graduation, I decided to stay here because DC is such a great place to live. There are so many unique areas of the town, each with their own character and charm.

Which Biblical character would you want to have dinner with and what would you serve?
Definitely David. For dinner I would serve Jewish pot roast of course!

What is your favorite outdoor activity in DC?
My favorite outdoor activity in DC would have to be playing golf right on the Potomac. It’s hard to beat hitting the links on the river while still being right in the city.

White fish or lox?
Lox hands down.

Tell us about your favorite Jewish memory.
Traveling to Israel on Birthright was my favorite Jewish memory. The trip helped to give me a greater understanding of Jewish culture and tradition while allowing me to visit one of the most remarkable and geographically diverse countries in the world.